About Us

We're as serious about coffee as we are about our haircuts.

The impossibility of having both strength & complex flavours defines Shaky Isles Coffee

In the beginning of 2008, New Zealand wasn’t as we know it now. 

Well caffeinated yes, but maybe not from coffee makers that reflected the path New Zealand was on in making exceptional coffee for the world.  Flat whites. Flat, and white – we are nothing if not literal. North Island. South Island. Bless.

By the end of 2008 it had Shaky Isles. More than literal.

Shaky Isles is about making coffee with the same kind of unhinged focus New Zealander’s have for rugby, so we can enjoy it with the same kind of aloof concern we have for things like ballroom dancing or National Dog shows.

It’s our roasting technology that produces smooth and consistent coffee blends – giving us strength and robustness, and most importantly, flavour profiles that do not get roasted away. The impossibility of having both strength and complexity is what defines Shaky Isles Coffee. Duality. Having your cake and eating it too. Both sides of the coin. Bird in the hand and two in the bush. Wolf in wolf’s clothing. 

We’re unashamed coffee geeks, blend crafters, and roast voyeurs.


Our roastery is in Auckland, but because we know if you don’t live in Auckland, you probably hate it, we’ve made Shaky Isles coffee available in your favourite supermarkets all over New Zealand. So Yay, no more average supermarket coffee!

Available at your local supermarket (or ask nicely if not there and they will get it in for you):
New World
Fresh Choice
Super Value
Four Square 

And keep your eye out all over the motu for Shaky Isles coffee served at cafes, restaurants and bars with impeccable judgement on mostly everything, but especially coffee.