The products we consume need to be made sustainably

All coffee beans we use are fairly & ethically sourced

It’s a no-brainer, the products we consume need to be made sustainably. We pride ourselves on making sure our coffee is good for our customers, the farmers growing the beans and the environment too. It’s a windy ol’ win win.

Our Coffee Roaster  |  the Loring Kestrel

Compared to conventional roasters, the Loring Kestrel uses 80% less energy, and emits 80% less Co2 during every roast. For that, and for roasting awesome coffee, we love it. Like love love.

Air Recirculation  |  Traditionally, it’s been a challenge for coffee roaster to heat ambient air efficiently. Loring’s single-flame design does just this, using hot air recirculated back into the chamber to help the roaster reach the target temperature in less time with less energy.

Air Quality Compliance  |  Loring roasting machines have been permitted under some of the most rigorous air quality standards in the world. Here in New Zealand they help us minimise our carbon footprint.

Precision Roasting  |  Loring delivers unmatched quality, efficiency, and control. Every bean is roasted evenly and without major shrinkage, and every roast reaches its full flavour potential based on the profile of the blend. It’s the ultimate in consistency of bean quality and flavour.          

Green Beans

We deal straight right from the beginning. All of the beans we use are fairly and ethically sourced, with our Organic Blends being 100% Organic and Fair Trade. Economic accountability is in place to protect farmers and to help suppliers look after their workers. It also makes sure everyone in the supply chain is using best practice to reduce their impact on the environment.

Swiss Water Decaffeination

It takes a bit longer and costs a bit more than using chemicals, but we use the Swiss Water method to decaffeinate the beans for our truly fearless decaffeinated blend.

Compostable Cups

From day dot we have partnered up with Innocent packaging to make our takeaway cups and lids. We also use Innocent for all our other consumables. Everything they do is recyclable and compostable, and awesome.


All our coffee bags are made from recyclable soft plastic.