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Don’t start your day casting a crumpled up single-use coffee pod into the trash. Doesn’t feel right to us. Every day? That’s just a nightmare. We searched the world (wide web, as it was 2020) to find the best alternative.

These little stainless steel babies with screw top lids and precision manufacturing give you an excellent coffee every time and are 99.99% less likely to eventually turn up in the insides of a whale some day. Make your daily ritual waste-free and soul-rich.

Contains - 1 x stainless steel capsule, 1 x stainless steel tamper, 1 x scoop, 1 x brush

The Nespresso® trademark is not the property of Shaky Isles Coffee.There is no affiliation between Nespresso®, Nestle Nespresso S.A.®, Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.® or their affiliates and Shaky Isles New Zealand Ltd, Company Registration Number 5524385


Be the flame to the moth. Save our big round rock. Pick up thy banner. Be brave. Do nothing. Well nothing wasteful. Use this. That’ll do for now.

Before adding coffee into your pod it is best to run it through your machine empty to get the stainless steel warm, which will help with the heat transfer and coffee extraction. Once completed, remove the pod and unscrew the lid off the capsule.

Step 2
Add ground coffee using a full scoop until the ground coffee is just above the edge of the capsule (about 5-6g).

Step 3
Rest your tamper on the top of the coffee and lightly press down until the top edge of your tamper is in line with the edge of the capsule. Gently give your tamper a turn then remove

Step 4
Screw the lid back onto the capsule. Select a small shot and drop the capsule into your compatible nespresso machine and close or press the applicable ‘on’ button to start the extraction.
(Clean the capsule and repeat the steps above if you like stronger coffee)

Step 5
Take out the capsule from your machine, unscrew the lid, tip out the used grounds. Then wash the capsule and filter/lid thoroughly. Keep the capsule dry when not in use.